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Clinical Research

During the last decade, The Center for Marital and Sexual Health has been the site of numerous clinical trials for treatment of sexual dysfunctions.

We are committed to conducting research in an ethical manner and only Institutional Review Board-approved studies are conducted at The Center.

We are currently recruiting women who have experienced a diminishment in their sexual desire.


For more information please contact:

Denise Sheridan, CCRC

216.831.2900 ext. 23.



Nothing is more personal
and private than your
sexual concerns.
We keep it that way.

At The Center for Marital and Sexual Health at Levine, Risen and Associates, we understand how difficult it can be to open up and talk about your sexual functioning or sexual identity. Our expert staff is here to help you discuss your concerns.

Marital and sexual health isn’t just our specialty, it’s what we were founded upon over 35 years ago. In fact, Dr. Levine and Mrs. Risen received the Masters & Johnson Lifetime Achievement Award from the Society of Sex Therapy and Research (SSTAR) for the establishment of The Center. So you can be confident we understand the pain sexual problems cause, their usual sources and the steps needed to improve sexual life.

We treat sexual problems with a variety of approaches including individual, couples, group and medication therapy. And we’re experienced in dealing with sexual desire, arousal, orgasm problems and sexual identity matters such as transgender feelings, struggles over orientation, and socially problematic sexual interests and behaviors. Also, many people receive assistance at The Center for pornography and other forms of sexual addiction.