We often see similar issues and patterns of behavior. But we never see a typical patient.

Throughout our 35-year history, we’ve had the pleasure of helping many people realize a better future. This experience has enabled us to see the uniqueness of every person as they cope with universal human issues.

We’ve seen lots of folks dealing with sexual dysfunction, depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety symptoms, attention deficit disorder, marital issues, infidelity, gender identity crises, sexual addiction and failure to thrive.

Our multidisciplinary team understands that your history, feelings and dilemma are not found in any textbook.

Select any of the options under “General Practice” in the menu below to learn more about our areas of expertise.

Or to make an appointment, please contact an appropriate therapist of your choice or Denise Sheridan, CCRC at 216.831.2900 ext. 23 for general intake.

Individual Psychotherapy

Are you going through a time of transition or crisis? Feeling anxious or depressed? Do you need help sorting out some difficult decisions? In individualized psychotherapy, you and your therapist develop an individualized treatment plan. Your therapist will help you sort through your concerns, understand your personal dynamics and make choices that help improve your quality of life.


Levine, Risen and Associate's board-certified psychiatrists are experts in providing medications for emotional difficulties. Our psychiatrists however, do not simply provide medications; they understand that medication must be used along with judicious support and psychotherapy. Our psychiatrists provide two forms of medication assistance.  They provide psychotherapy and medications for their patients and provide medications and support for the other psychotherapists at our center or in the community at large.

Couples Therapy

Whether you’re straight, gay or bisexual, married, hope to marry or choose not to, our therapists are here to help you and your partner understand your unique struggles. The goals are to improve communication, problem-solving, and to increase capacities for psychological and sexual intimacy.

Services for CHILDREN AND Adolescents

We see young children with gender identity concerns.  We see adolescents with a range of problems including depression, anxiety, anger, hyperactivity, poor attention span, eating problems and worrisome sexual behaviors. Treatment may include individual counseling, medication, parental guidance, family counseling and occasionally, referral for more specialized treatment.

Group Therapy

We offer two types of group therapy, both of which take place in the presence of a therapist to guide the treatment. The first is a short-term psycho-educational group that usually meets six times. The second is an open-ended group that may meet regularly for a year or more. Group therapy is a particularly effective modality for compulsive sexual behaviors and failures to thrive in life.